Ultimate Spider-Man

A widely-expected announcement today saw Stern Pinball introduce a Vault Edition re-release of the company's popular Spider-Man game. What nobody was expecting though was just how different this edition would be from the original.

Rather than simply updating the hardware and using LEDs, the game has been re-branded away from the 2002 Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man movie and into theUltimate Spider-Man comic series universe.

Without the movie's assets, the sound calls needed to be remade, the dot matrix animations could no longer use clips from the movie, and a whole new art package was needed.

The Ultimate Spider-Man backglass
The 'Ultimate' Spider-Man backglass

New cabinet and backbox art is complemented by black powder-coated laser-cut side rails, giving the Vault Edition more of a Limited Edition feel.

The Spider-Man Vault Edition
Spider-Man Vault Edition

The right cabinet side
The right cabinet side

The game uses Stern's new style backbox and speaker panel design, complete with a decal around the red LED display.

The new speaker panel
The new speaker panel

Without the storylines from the movie, the names of many of the game modes have changed. For example:

Green Goblin Modes


Godspeed Spider-Man

Suffer The Children

Unity Day Festival

Spidey Falls For MJ

Fire Fighting

Green With Envy

Doc Ock Modes


Fusion Malfunction

Bank Bust

Armed At The Dock

Lend Me A Hand

Ock's Oscorp Outing

Battle On The Bridge

Venom Modes


You Ooze, You Loose (sic)

Brock's New Suit

Goo On You

Venom Strikes Twice

Symbiote Stalker

Goo On You

Sandman Modes


Doon of Doom

Sunway Storm

Slammer Time!

Concrete Ending

Time Is Money

Out Of The Slammer

Apart from the names of the modes changing, there are multiple other changes on the playfield.

The Spider-Man Vault Edition playfield
The Spider-Man Vault Edition playfield

All the character models have been repainted to match the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, while there are multiple tweaks to the playfield artwork to remove the movie actor likenesses and the three-dimensional web pattern on Spider-Man himself.

The web-slingers which guide the ball out of the up-kickers have a modified stainless steel design, while those up-kickers now include playfield protectors as standard. There's more protection with a steel plastic protector fitted over the Sandman entrance which is notorious for breaking on the original Spider-Man game. The Doc Ock magnet is also redesigned to reduce wear. Like the Iron Man Vault Edition, the new Spider-Man uses LED lighting throughout.

The Vault Edition playfield
The Vault Edition playfield

However, these premium features come with a Premium price tag. The Spider-Man Vault Edition has a recommended selling price of $7,595 - the same as the Premium model of Game of Thrones.

Source: http://www.pinballnews.com/games/ultimatespiderman/index.html

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