All these machines are looking for new homes to support their restoration process. Restoration means we have the machine here in stock but something must be done in order to get it ready for a customer to purchase. In addition to machine's individual needs, all machines that undergo restoration are brought up to a very high standard to ensure they look and play like new. This includes replacing all lightbulbs to LED lighting and replacing working parts with ware such as flippers, etc. Prices vary on a machine to machine basis and that is why they are not listed online. To restore a machine in waiting to purchase, generally you are looking at a starting price of $2-3,000. Of course more high profile and rare machines will be at expected market value. Those supporting the restoration pay for any needed parts. Pinballs purchased within New York State are taxed 8% sales tax. All of this will be communicated in a detailed monetary estimate of a machine's needs before we start working on the machine. Pinball Alley holds our machines to a high standard and has for over 70 years. Restoration pricing also includes 1 year functionality warranty and delivery and setup for those within 250 miles of Pinball Alley (Rochester, NY) Photos represent finished product post restoration process.

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