PRICE: $8,895.00
Black Knight: Sword of Rage LIMITED EDITION (#331/600)

Black Knight is back and better than ever. We sincerely commend Stern on this one. The Pinball Alley team invites you to come take a look at this beautiful machine! The LE sets itself with the unreal upper playfield. When the Black Knight music starts pushing through the speakers, your blood really starts pumping. This pinball will taunt you and challenge you, but once you get the shots and speed down, this is whole new level of pinball play. 

Stern’s Black Knight: Sword of Rage LE features stunning and distinctive hand-drawn art in homage to this pinball icon.  This pinball contains a custom sculpted, interactive, and multi-functional Black Knight bash toy, featuring a bi-directional motorized flail, a glowing RGB helmet with individually controllable expressive lighting to interact and taunt players with custom speech, and a sliding coil-driven shield that will bash and block your shots.

All models include the distinct “Magna-Save”, a player-controlled magnet used to prevent a ball from draining, and timed resetting drop targets.  In addition, Black Knight: Sword of Rage features a legacy sound package composed and performed by Scott Ian of Anthrax with Brendon Small, adrenalizing the audio experience for players on their journey, and custom speech by Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies.

The Limited Edition model features a transparent upper playfield with a distinct 3-ball lock mechanism, giving players the ability to achieve a 6-ball multiball.

The Limited Edition – 600 units globally – includes additional unique features such as an exclusive mirrored backglass, anti-reflection pinball glass, shaker motor, exclusive custom art blades, a custom autographed bottom arch, a sequentially numbered plaque, and exclusive battle art custom themed cabinet artwork. 

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