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Reconditioned- Waiting for a home to support restoration and revive this unique machine

Shrek was manufactured in 2008 by Stern pinball incorporated. Designed by Pat Lawlor Design, Shrek pinball features eye-popping original art from John Youssi--newly elected Pinball Hall of Fame artist--along with Mark Galvez and Tom Kyzivat. More significantly, the machine is a blast to play, with a favorite play area named Donkey's mini-playfield to occupy your attention. Located in the upper right hand corner, Donkey's mini-playfield offers mini-flippers that the player controls with the regular flipper buttons when the game is in Donkey mode. The mini-playfield also offers ramps and targets to shoot at while an actual Donkey figurine spins in front. Of course, Donkey isn't the only Shrek character to earn some pinball love, as the game also offers figurines of four other Shrek characters, including Shrek himself, Puss in Boots, Princess Fiona, and Gingy. A mirrored sculpture of Prince Charming, meanwhile, sits in the center of the playfield, where players can strike it with the pinball when so motivated. Finally, the game offers a pair of captive pinballs that spell out P-I-N-B-A-L-L when hit, along with lots of exciting multi-ball action.

  • Custom Dragon & Castle Topper With LEDs
  • Green Under Cabinet Lights

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